4000 for 40 – Week 1


Had a good start for my first week on my quest to ride 4000 km’s by 40.  I managed to commute 5 of the 10 eligible trips to and from my office.  The weather was a mixed bag (of shit) but if you have the right kit and a little bit of crazy you can ride in almost anything.  My normal commute is through the Calgary river valley but due to last years floods, all the bridges I use are wiped out.  My new commute consists of residential, river valley pathways, city streets, and the odd “short cut” like the one pictured above.  I think my road bike officially hates me and I am seriously thinking about getting a commuter bike (cyclocross most likely) that will deal with the unorthodox routes I travel.  Aside from the snow, constant wind, rain, pea gravel, idiots “walking” their dogs in their cars while their precious babies run wild like a pack of wolves, getting cut off several times, and eating several mouthfuls of dirt mixed with dog crap that people did not pick up this winter – the riding was actually very fun.


I also managed to get out for some “real” riding in the backroads this weekend.  In honour of Paris Roubaix that went this morning, I rode hills and some really rough roads.  Hills are a great way to test fitness, or show you that you don’t have any…needless to say, I have some work to do this spring.  All in all, it is great to be back on the bike – even if it means daily washings and maintenance!  IMG_2862


180 kms down – 3820 km’s to go!

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