4000 For 40 – Week 2


Week 2. More like weak 2!  I did not get as many miles in last week as I would have hoped.  I managed to commute 6 of the 8 possible trips to work and the miles I did log were well earned.  I road in heavy headwinds, snow, sleet, and even a teeny bit of sunshine.

I can't see the difference can you see the difference?

I can’t see the difference can you see the difference?


Friday was Good Friday…aka, the day I put on the pregnancy pants and started eating chocolate mini eggs.   Saturday we celebrated Easter by eating, drinking, and more mini eggs.  Sunday completed my weekend of sloth with more eating, more drinking, and one last kick at the Easter chocolate mini eggs.  A whole weekend of no riding…boo…I think my bike was thankful for the rest, the week was not kind to her.

Not a happy bike!!

Not a happy bike!!


Weekly total was 131km’s.  Year to date 310 km’s – 3,690 to go!

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