Tempus Fugit and The Eye of Newt


Tempus Fugit…for those of you who don’t speak Latin, it translates into “time flee’s” or more commonly, “time flies”.  Well holy crap, the tempus has definitely been  fugit’n.  I am turning 40 this year and it feels like life has happened in the blink of an eye.  Don’t get me wrong, the last 39 years have gone better than anticipated.  I married a woman well above my pay grade, I have three amazing kids, and landed a pretty awesome job.  Life is good…it just needs to slow down a titch.

Over my 39 years I have come to enjoy marking milestones.  When I turned 18 I vowed to drink the dreaded Eye of Newt – an 8 ounce shooter consisting of random hard liquor and a raw egg.  Why have a beer or a typical cocktail as your first legal drink – go big or go home right? In front of a crowded restaurant I slammed back the Eye of Newt and followed it up with a shot of tequila for added flair.  The rest of that birthday was a blur, or in the case of the drinks and dinner, a rental.  I went big, then I went home.  The Eye of Newt laid the gauntlet for marking milestones in my life.   My bachelor party consisted of cliff jumping and eating the worm from a bottle of tequila.  When I turned 30 I picked up the acoustic guitar.  For 35 I bought a road bike, signed up for the Ride To Conquer Cancer and reignited my passion for all things with two wheels.

So what to do for forty?

Drink 40 for 40

This is an easy one – 40 different beers by 40 – photo and write up for each.  I can’t do ’em all at once and the  last beer has to be a 40.  I may video the last one as it could get interesting…then again, it could also be used against me in a court of law…

Ride 140 on 40

On Friday August 29, I will wake up, eat some oatmeal, kiss my lovely wife and kids then hop on my bike and ride 140km’s to destination and parts unknown.

Drop 40 by 40

This one is going to be the most difficult.  I love food.  I work in the food industry.  I am a partner in a chocolate factory.  I stress eat.  My wife is a food blogger…and her food is really, really good.  Needless to say, in order for me to get back down to my old high school self  I have some serious work ahead.  Which ties in nicely with my 4th (see what I did there…) and final objective.

Ride 4000 for 40

I have 160 days to ride 4000 km’s.  This may seem easy at first, thats only 25 km’s a day.  Problem is I don’t ride every day.  I have three kids, a wife, and a job that all require some of my time.  I have clients, customers, business trips, and everything in between that chips away at the hours in the day.  I am going to need to get creative…I may need to get up early…but this one needs to happen.

My 40th will be upon me before I know it…tempus fugit…maybe it would be easier to chug another Eye of Newt and call it a day but it wouldn’t be nearly as fun.

Stay tuned…

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